Doing our part for Mother Earth.

At Kōrure we want to do right by Mother Earth. We've worked tirelessly to make sure we minimise our environmental impact on her by making sure our packaging shares the same vision as we have.


Our vision: 


Change For The Better Future

Each facet of our new packaging is designed to REDUCE. REUSE. REFILL. RECYCLE. 

Strong on well-being, gentle on Mother Earth.

Simply keep your jar from your welcome kit and refill each month.

Plant seeds and reduce carbon footprint! Change the way you consume

We are very excited to introduce our new sustainable project to reduce carbon footprint. Under the project, all of our packaging are either compostable or recyclable.

We will be the first company to introduce the Mycellium (Mushroom roots) packaging in the Australasia! The mycellium tray will completely decompose in soil within 30 days!

To learn more about our 4REARTH Project. Click below!



Share or send us a picture of you planting a seed with our Welcome Kit and we will donate $3 to Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to save whales & dolphins.

Kōrure and WDC want New Zealand government to immediately phase out destructive fishing methods (set-net and trawl fishing) within Māui and Hector’s dolphin areas in order to protect our endangered dolphin species. The donations will goes towards supporting WDC's work with the New Zealand government to implement the changes. 

Please visit WDC website to learn more -


Welcome Kit

Mycelium Tray

Mushrooms grew your tray! We are proud to announce that Kōrure is the first in Australasia to introduce Mycelium packaging.

Mycelium, the root structure of a mushroom, acts like a natural glue. It binds agricultural waste and turns it into a positive-impact resource, replacing unsustainable synthetics like polystyrene or polyethylene.

Why we use it : it decomposes naturally in the soil within 30 days. 

Certifications: Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified, Living Future Declare Certified, USDA Certified Biobased Product, 100% Compostable 

Your move: Compost it!

Cardboard Box

Our sturdy cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable. Otherwise, you can use it to store whatever you want or even get a bit crafty with it!

We recommend that you use this as a drip tray for your plant.

Your move: Reuse it! or Recycle it!

Mail Bag

It's moisture proof in order to protect your products. Our mailer bags are 100% plant based which means it's 100% compostable. 

So when you're done, just chuck it out in the organics! (Just make sure other labels stickers aren't still on it when you compost it!)

Your move: Compost it!

Glass Jar

While glass is infinitely recyclable, the less we create, the lower the impact on Mother Earth. So keep your jar for your monthly refills. 

Your move: Reuse it!


We provide seeds for you to plant and grow! We want you to join in our journey of reducing carbon footprint. When you plant our seeds you are contributing towards reducing carbon footprint - plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and use it as food to grow.

All our seeds are not genetically modified and is harvested from New Zealand.

Your move: Plant it!    

Click to to see different seeds available:

Soil Tablet

To help make growing your plant easier, we provide you with a compressed soil tablet that will nourish your seeds to grow to its full potential.

Simply add 60ml of water and watch the soil tablet grow seven times its size!

Your move: Water it!

Corn Foam

We use corn foam to protect your monthly refills when we send it out. 

Our corn foam is fully compostable - when you're done, chuck it in the garden or under some water! Easy!

Your move: Compost it!

Paper Envelop  

Made from 100% paper and is FSC certified.

Your move: Recycle it!

Sustainability shouldn’t be proprietary.

We can’t do it alone. To change for better, we must all do our part. So, our sustainability partners is entirely open-source. We are always looking for new pals and partners to help us do better, so if you’re something cool and sustainable why not give us a bell? —