KORU's story

Koru is the co-founder of Kōrure Pets. She is the youngest member of the Kōrure canine family. Koru was diagnosed with arthritis at a very young age.
In desperation, we gave her Korure Marine Phospholipid Powder to improve her condition and it did just that.

This is the story behind the founding of Kōrure Pets.

"We only create the best quality products we can proudly give to our loved ones"

- Ron, Kōrure founder

Introducing Koru

Koru was born on 6th of April 2019.
She is a mix of Pomeranian and Spitz.

She is the youngest member of Korure family :)

She is also known as the co-founder of Kōrure Pets.

ARthritis at a young age

We began to see that Koru was less active and was hesitant when jumping onto the couch. We took her to the hospital to be checked. This was when we were faced with a shocking news. Koru was diagnosed with arthritis. 

The Doctor encouraged Koru to go under surgery and medication. Due to the possible side effects, we decided to give natural remedy a chance.

Koru was given teaspoon of Kōrure Marine Phospholipid Powder morning and night. Koru's mobility improved week by week and after two months, Koru was able to jump on the couch again and run around with his friends!

Koru now

Koru is healthy and she loves to run around and play with her friends at the dog park :)
This is the story behind Korure Pets as we believe that we can make a difference in your four pawed friend's quality of life.