3 course meal

Choose your favourite furry chef and help them get closer to the final prize!

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In Kōrure Pets Cook Off Competition yo win big!

The heat is on....4 rounds to compete against each other with a theme assigned to each round. Only the best will survive...and who knows, you might just win our grand prize worth over



What are the judging criteria?

1. Aesthetic

2. Technique

3. Wow factor/ uniqueness

What are the specific dates for rounds?

27th March - applications close

5th April - ROUND 1 released

12th April - Round one submissions in

18th April - Release winners for ROUND 1

19th April- release ROUND 2

25th April - Round two submissions in

2nd May - release ROUND 2 winners

3rd May - Release ROUND 3

9th May - Submit round 3

16th May - release ROUND 3 winners

17th Ma- release FINALS

24th May - WINNER NAMED 

What is the number of contestants in each round?

1. 16 contestants

2. 10 contestants

3. 6 contestants

4. 3 contestants 

When will you send out products?

We send our product for one round - you will receive a message at the same time about what it is so you can plan your next dish.

How can I stay updated on the progress?

We will change information on the website for each round. You will be able to see picture and name of a contestant, as well as a photo of their dish. The audience can vote for a favourite candidate using a google form in the link below the photos. 

What are the terms and conditions ?

you need to send ingredients used and instructions because we are turning it into a cook book.

Footage you supply will be copyrighted by us (you can use it / we can use it) 

What are the criteria for video submission?

- presentation of the dish

- the pet eating it

- explanation of the dish (either a voiceover or a written blurb)

- video below 1 minute

- you can post to your own social media account and tag us if you wish

- also upload to google drive 

How can I upload my video?

You can use your individual Cook Off folder on Google Drive