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The heart of this campaign lies in capturing and celebrating the transformative journey of pets through the eyes of their dedicated owners.

Meet our 12 applicants and follow along their transformation journey


10 months old, Labrador 

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At just four months old we noticed a limp in Winnies front left leg. We took her to get x-rays and had her on strict rest to see if there was any improvement. It was confirmed that she was likely suffering from elbow dysplasia, and as she gets older she will likely suffer from arthritis too.

We can see a significant difference in the way she moves compared to her sister. Winnie is a lot more careful with her movements and is very purposeful when she walks/runs. We have tried her on green-lipped mussels and can already see a significant improvement in her motion.

We are hoping these products will continue to give her the relief she needs and help give her the best start possible to a healthy and comfortable life.

Week 1 Update 

“The biggest noticeable change so far in Winnie is her coat. As she is still so young, her coat was already very soft but the shine on her now is amazing. In terms of mobility so far we haven't noticed a huge difference yet but feel that this will come with time.”

Week 2 Update 

“Winnie is doing great this week, had her sister over to play for a couple of days and I was so happy that she wasn’t broken after all that puppy play! She seems to be coping with longer walks much better now with a quicker recovery and turnaround.”


10 years old, Border Collie

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Trick has a congenital deformity of his lumbar sacroiliac joint which has caused him to have multiple areas of arthritis. Unfortunately he isn't able to have any NSAIDs due to his tummy and kidney problems which is resulting in his hips and shoulders causing him a lot of pain.

We believe with the help of these supplements he will be able to live a comfortable and full life. 

Week 1 Update

“So far I have noticed Trick has a softer and shiner coat and seems to be shedding less hair. He seems to be liking both products and will lick his bowl clean with each meal. I have noticed he has started to move more freely and am looking forward to seeing how much more this will continue over the coming weeks.”

Week 2 Update 

“Trick appears to be moving much freer this week and his coat is amazing, shiny and soft. He has so much energy and seems a lot happier within himself.”


11 years old, German Shepard 

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Qiuqiu was just two years old when she tumbled down a mountain causing her to injure her hind leg. Even after surgery she never fully recovered and now also suffers from other common joint issues common in German shepherds.

We are hoping that with the help of these supplements she will have a better range of motion and be more comfortable.

Week 1 Update 

“Since Qiuqiu started taking the MP oil, her fur has noticeably become shinier and healthier. Given that Qiuqiu is already 11 years old, she was showing less interest in going for walks than she used to. However, since starting the powder she eagerly anticipates her daily walks and enthusiastically runs around with her friends at the park.”

Week 2 Update 

“Qiuqiu has had a slower week this week due to not feeling well. She is taking some time to ensure she gets the rest she needs to recover.”


11 years old, Labrador x Collie

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Noah suffered from a broken elbow at just 12 weeks old and was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of three. Now almost 11 he has a very limited range of movement which is causing him to gain weight.

We have previously tried him on medications, joint injections and a range of supplements, but nothing has given him long term relief. We are hoping that these supplements will give him the relief he needs to be more comfortable. 

Week 1 Update 

“Noah used to just lie around and sleep, mostly never too keen to move around. Since being on the powder and oil people have said they are noticing him being more active, going to greet other dogs, and walking around more. It is slow progress as he still struggles to move sometimes, especially when he first wakes up, but is progress nonetheless. He loves having the supplements added to his meals and is licking the bowl clean with each meal.”

Week 2 Update 

“He is so excited every time I get ready to prepare his meal. You will see him in the video waiting patiently as I sprinkle the powder over his food. Despite not having taken the oil, his movement seems to be improving.

Noah has also been playing tug with his brother Cruze, he has not done this for over two years now so it was a nice change for us to see him actively interacting even if he was sitting down while doing so. We haven't had the chance to weigh him yet but I think he is looking thinner and others at the park have mentioned this too.”


12 years old, Great Dane

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Nala used to be on Bernaza for her arthritis but was recently rushed to the emergency vet with nosebleeds, overheating and struggling to breathe meaning she has had to come off the medication.

We have been recommended green-lipped mussels as an alternative along with continuing her hydro physio she does once a week. We are hoping with the help of these supplements she will be able to move more freely and be in less pain. 

Week 1 Update 

“We have had a bit of a weird week with Nala. She has gone a bit backward; apparently, this is normal with Beransa leaving the system. Additionally, we ran out of CBD oil in the process, so that doesn't help in getting accurate results. As for the supplements, she is loving all of it; I've bought everything I could, and she is enjoying it all taste-wise.”

Week 2 Update 

“Unfortunately, she had a rough time and couldn't walk, kept collapsing, and had trouble going to the bathroom independently due to the beransa leaving her system, causing hind leg paralysis. However, after acupuncture, she showed slight improvement before regressing. She's also not eating as usual, opting for one large meal split between morning and night, prompting us to supplement her diet with cat food to encourage eating.

The other day there was a glimmer of hope as she walked around independently and expressed interest in going for a walk. We're hopeful for her recovery, especially after her recent hot bath. Lion's mane, which aids in expediting the removal of beransa from her system, arrived today, which is a positive step.”


3 years old, Australia Cattel Dog x Blue Heeler

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Eucalyptus is a super smart sweet dog who loves the ocean. One week before Eucalyptus turned one he was diagnosed with bad hip dysplasia and required an immediate operation for best recovery predictions. He had a successful operation following his own lock-down recovery. He has a titanium hip on his left side with it predicted that he may likely need his right side operated and replaced although this is not guaranteed.

We are hoping with the help of the oil it will support him to live full pain free healthy life and help him continue to do all the things he loves

Week 1 Update

“Eucalyptus has started on the products a little later than everyone else due to living in Australia. So far he is loving the taste and devours his meals. Looking forward to seeing what effect the products have on his health in the next week.”

Week 2 Update 

“Week two of the program and Eucalyptus is going well with no side effects digestive-wise which we are very pleased with. He is very happy to have the delicious mussel flavour in his diet and notably has picked up in terms of verve since commencing the product.

This week we have focused on long-term slower activities, including store shopping stimulation trips, regular walks and TV-watching times.

Eucalyptus is enjoying the product and trial and we are looking forward to the week ahead with the product having built up some more and we can see how it aids the week's activities.

You’ll see from some of the footage, that he lives his TV ‘adventures’ and has some cool techniques for using his couch stool to assist leverage of his favourite big cockatoo teddy onto the couch, for maximum TV cuddle time fun.”


1 year old, American Staffordshire Cross

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When Hope turned one she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. Since then we have undergone surgery on both elbows in which they saw through one of her bones so that the alignment of her joints improves. She is now almost 5 months post op from her last surgery. Due to her diagnosis she is very prone to developing arthritis and other joint issues.

Her recovery and life will benefit from Kōrure pets supplements since green lipped mussel has proven to be beneficial for joint health and preventing/slowing down the development of arthritis.

Week 1 Update 

“Hope loves the taste of the product, she has been licking her bowl clean after every meal which she didn't do beforehand. We have noticed a few differences in her. She runs longer on her walks and is getting stronger, her strength is noticeable in games such as tug of war. We have just started with exercises we got from her physio, so we hope to see a lot more progress with her on the supplement in progressing in her exercises.”

Week 2 Update 

“Hope is still loving her food with the supplements and licking her bowl clean. We have continued working on the exercise given to us by her physio. Hope is slowly progressing with them. There has been a difference in Hope's body and the amount of muscle. Hope's muscles are more defined and growing which is amazing since they are a vital part of her recovery from surgery.

Hope has been more energetic this week and jumping more which could be because she feels more comfortable, stronger and less stiff. Hope has started to engage more in activities such as fetch. Hope’s zoomies have become more enthusiastic.”


9 years old, Labrador x Collie

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Georgie has just come off Prednisone for her skin problems but we have now noticed she is suffering from arthritis pain.

We are looking for a good supplement to help her manage her pain and be more comfortable. 

Week 1 Update 

“Georgie is only having MP Powder and Algae oil due to a reaction she seemed to have being on the MP Oil. We find this combination to be best for her, the algae oil really helps her coat and skin health and we hope to see some more improvement in her mobility soon while taking the powder. She also seems to be enjoying the taste of the supplements.”

Week 2 Update 

“Georgie is still adjusting to being taken off the MP Oil due to allergy reasons and appears to have a small limp this week. She still has the MP Powder with each meal and seems to love the taste. Georgie is also having Algae Oil which is doing wonders for her coat.”


5 years old, Labrador x Greyhound

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Chester has always been a very energetic dog who loves to play with toys, his sisters, as well as running with the farm bike and going for walks.

Unfortunately we have started to see a difference in his mobility and he is starting to slow down. We are hoping the green-lipped mussel supplements will help him to feel more comfortable and get back to doing the things he loves. 

Week 1 Update 

“Since using MP oil and MP powder, I have noticed Chester has more energy to do the things he loves, he’s been playing more, running, jumping, and doing everything he hasn’t been able to do before using these products. There are still moments where he’s a bit slow and sore which is expected when recovering from injury but he definitely seems to be improving and I can see how happy he is to be able to do things again.”

Week 2 Update 

“Chester has had a slightly slower week but has still managed to run for his toy which he hasn't done for the past couple of months. Seeing him wanting to play with my puppy warms my heart and makes my puppy happy too. Hoping with a few more in a couple of days I’ll be able to take him for a 2km walk.”


6 years old, NZ Heading Dog

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BJ was diagnosed with arthritis in three of his joints after suffering from an injury in agility. He was sidelined for a year to rest and recover. We have been trailing him on green-lipped mussel powder and have noticed a great improvement allowing him to go back to agility.

Our goal is to get an agility champ which is the highest level. He currently has four challenges and only needs two more to get this.

Week 1 Update

“Bj has already been on the powder for a few months and I think it has definitely made a big difference. He hasn't been too fussed about the oil so far as it is a new product for him. His limp has decreased and as you can see he's back competing. It will be interesting to see how he is at his next show on the 1st of June to see any differences there as he did struggle a little with his weaves at that show”

Week 2 Update 

“BJ looking and feeling really good this week. Very very bouncy and happy as you'll see by the videos. I also think his coat has gone way shinier and blacker than it was.”


7 years old, Bull Terrier x Labrador

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Iris is a rescue dog who had to have her back leg amputated after a car accident in November. We have worked hard to get her health to a good level, but I can tell she is still uncomfortable walking and some days she doesn't move except for food and to go to the toilet.

We believe these supplements will help her a lot and relieve any inflammation she has to give her a smooth movement, and to get back to running and walking enjoyably. 

Week 1 Update 

“Iris is already behaving like a completely different dog!! Her coat is now softer and not flaking and she seems to have a lot more energy and wants to play. She is eager for walks now instead of linking away from the sight of her harness and lets my young sons get closer to her with no uncomfortable growling so it's been a big win already.”

Week 2 Update 

“Huge success this week! Iris has so much energy and enthusiasm for play and exercise which we have never seen from her before! She is running around and playing and can do so without being crippled in pain the next day!”


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What are the key dates?

8th April

Campaign introduction announcement

15th - 29th April

Applications Open

30th April

Announcement of selected applicants

13th May - 13th June

Weekly updates following the transformations

14th - 18th June

Public voting for the winner

21st June

Announce winner + runner ups

Who can apply?

We welcome all dogs and cats with health issues and individuals seeking to experience a transformative journey for their pets. 

How can I stay updated on the progress?

We will change information on the website for each stage. You will be able to see picture and name of a contestant, as well as their photos. Make sure to also follow the journey on our Instagram and Facebook! 



What are the terms and conditions?

You need to send photos with your pet's transformation journey using the google form on this page on specific dates.

Footage you supply will be copyrighted by us (you can use it / we can use it).