Meet Us

The beginning

Kōrure’s co-founder, Koru was diagnosed with arthritis at a young age of two. She was given options for steroid injections and medications by the Veterinarian. Due to the risk of side effects from steroids and medications, we gave a natural remedy a chance.

Koru was given teaspoon of Kōrure Marine Phospholipid Powder morning and night. Koru's mobility improved week by week and after two months, she was able to run around and play with his friends like normal.

This is when Ron (and Koru) decided to found Kōrure Pets in order to help other dogs who are in a same situation where Koru was.

"We only create the best quality products that we can proudly give to our loved ones" 

- Ron, Kōrure Pets co-founder

"Woof Woof...Woof! (I love Kōrure Pets!)" 

- Koru, Kōrure Pets co-founder

Tikanga Board 

Founder & CEO

Ron is our founder and CEO. He began his career as an accountant however, he quickly realised his passion in sustainability of New Zealand’s nature and his love for green lipped mussel. He went onto start his journey with Kōrure in 2017 to share the benefits of including green lipped mussel into our diets to improve joint health and overall wellbeing. 

Favourite Te reo word – kōrure (to change)

Manufacturing Advisor

Stephanie has been a Food Consultant to the Inland Revenue; Contract Lecturer at Lincoln University; Research and Development Manager (meat, seafood, dairy, nutraceutical); Quality Assurance Manager (meat, seafood, dairy, nutraceutical) and a Company Director for over seventeen years. She worked in various govermental organizations such as IRD, Hi-Tech Foods Ltd and Waitaiki Biosciences. She studied an MSc at Lincoln Univeristy and PGDipHealSc at University of Otago.

Favourite Te reo word – whanau (family)

Operations Advisor

Lloyd is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in leadership and governance. He brings startup experience at all levels, from starting a company to taking it through a high-growth period to negotiating its successful sale. He also has governance experience in the not-for-profit sector, currently serving as an Independent Trustee of Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust, and volunteers with Business Mentors NZ and the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Favourite Te reo word – ora (life)